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Joint Cracking

Posted on by Ross Harris

Many people crack their joints on a regular basis, whether out of habit or to relieve stiffness, however, until recently the mechanism that produced this sound has been poorly understood. Historically a number of causes have been proposed including recoil of ligaments or a sudden collapse of gas bubbles within the joint. Most recently a […]

Chronic Pain – There is Hope!!!

Posted on by Ross Harris

Chronic pain is traditionally one of the most complicated and frustrating disorders to treat, however, recent research and treatment interventions are providing light at the end of the tunnel for many chronic pain sufferers. Research has shown that education about pain is one of the most effective ways of treating it. New treatment protocols which […]

Kinesio Tape – How Useful is it?

Posted on by Ross Harris

In July 2012 the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) upheld a complaint against LimbVolume’s (t/a Kinesio UK) claims regarding the benefits of Kinesio Tape. The complaint challenged whether the following claims were misleading and could be substantiated: The description of the therapy under the heading “How does Kinesio Taping Work?” The efficacy of claims that the […]