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Hamstring Exercises – latest research

Posted on by Ross Harris

When looking at the latest research on hamstring injuries I came across an interesting study by Carl Askling and colleagues published in 2013. It compared 2 hamstring rehabilitation programmes, one emphasising strengthening exercises which lengthen the muscle (L-Protocol) and the other using conventional exercises (C-Protocol). The conclusion drawn from the randomised controlled trial was that patients using rehabilitation exercises […]

Core Stability – Fact or Fiction?

Posted on by Ross Harris

An article by Professor Lederman (2010) entitled “The Myth of Core Stability” raised serious questions regarding the efficacy of prescribing core stability exercises for patients with back pain. This was a controversial paper at the time and has been hotly debated over the last 2-3 years, with Pilates advocates jumping to the defense of core […]

Tibialis Posterior Exercises

Posted on by Ross Harris

One of the most common causes of shin pain or “Shin Splints” is Tibialis Posterior tendinopathy, also known as Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD). This is usually caused by overloading the Tibialis Posterior tendon during running or other sporting activities, which leads to a gradual degeneration and weakening of this tendon. This post looks at […]